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Despite the ultimate value of interoperability, we continue to be concerned about some of the unsolved problems. You can see an outline of the problems and the role <prTags> may play in the solution.  Any feedback is most welcome.

Welcome to GPII (CHIME Challenge team Spiral Nebula)

Our sole focus is to provide cloud-based services to the healthcare industry to accurately link healthcare records.  This is absolutely essential if we are to achieve the benefits of interoperability.  GPII makes available a unique data element, a <prTag> that offers the following benefits:

  1. Enables accurate matching of patient records with patients.
  2. Empowers patients to manage the privacy of their clinical information.
  3. Assures providers that they have access to an accurate and comprehensive medical record.
  4. Implements inherent record locator services across healthcare silos.
  5. Supports simple error correction analogous to the credit card industry.

We contend that enabling accurate sharing of clinical information will result in improved patient care and reduced costs.  The simplicity of the <prTag> approach ensures that interoperability is both safe and cost effective.  

Any solution to accurately match healthcare records must respect the privacy rights of the patient.  <prTags> are designed specifically to address all of the requirements noted above.




Rob Macmillan
Jun 01

Congratulations to the two winners of the Concept Blitz Phase of the CHIME Challenge: Michael Braithwaite and Mark Schroeder.

Marc Probst Testimony before House Committee

Rob Macmillan
May 25

GPII Enters CHIME Challenge

Rob Macmillan
Apr 28

GPII has entered the CHIME Challenge.  We offer a completely open solution that affords many other companies an opportunity to work with us.